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You see, from my point of view, I had to go through all these things to get a point of view.  And then from my point of view I have an epiphany, and to me it’s new and it’s real and I understand it, somewhat.  And it’s leading me to other thoughts that go in similar directions. 

My phobia is running out of air.  My phobia is being welded in a barrel upside down, or my phobia is a plastic bag over my head, or just not having enough to breathe.  Because that’s a terrible feeling to be… that’s really, you know, that’s the worst.  I think to wake somebody up, it would be good just to take your air for a few seconds, show them how frustrating that really gets. 

The will of the air is really dominant, but it hasn’t got to people’s mind yet.  They get in their car and they hear on the news, well the bumble bees are all dying.  They don’t give a fuck about no bumble bees – they got payments to make, they got problems, they got things that are more important than bumble bees, you dig?  

Now, we got nobody to stand up for the bees.  So there’s nobody helping the bees, so we need a few hundred motorcycles dressed up like bees, that understand what air means, and what running out of air means. Put them on the highway, saying you know, like, let’s cut this down.  You know, if they won’t cut it down one way, we’ll help them cut it down another way, for the love of the atmosphere that we breathe.

If people don’t have any love for themselves, that’s on them.  But we have love for the bees, I have love for the bees.  My love for the bees, Sandy’s a little bee.  You know, I love that little bee, man.  But not just for it’s honey, I love that little bee for itself. Because it has a self too, it has a life, and it loves it’s life, and it deserves it’s life.  It works hard.  It does good for the will of God. 

The will of God is what we’re dealing with, we’re not dealing with man’s will – we already know man’s will is destroying everything.  We’re dealing with the air we’re breathing, soldier, it’s the air that we breathe. 

The Marine Drill Sergeant, it comes out of service, gets up on the train.  He’s got a straight razor in his pocket, and he’s gonna get on a box car and ride around, and clean up the air.  Because he’s got other people coming that are right behind him, ‘cause they’re falling out of the thing that ain’t working.  And all the things that ain’t working are gonna come here with the chickens, sweetheart. 

My little red chicken, in Warwood mountaintop, over there with pigs and slop, over there in tip top and be-bop, over there in Florida’s gang, over there with Castro and the Navy’s man.  Everywhere I got, I got a ship in the sea.  That’s the way I’m doing it pirate – the pirates are George Washington’s Navy. 

George Washington’s Navy is the Sons of Liberty.  Truth.  Semper Fi, there’s no doubt, breathe in and breathe out.  Attention!  Breathe in and breathe out.  There’s no confusion, nothing to think about.  Air is God.

Charles Manson

May 9, 2013