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Note from Manson Direct: This is a letter from Manson April 2003 in it's entirety. Minor spelling and punctuation changes have been made but no words have been changed. It is unnamed, but we like to call this:

The Wren Tale

Death row windows a bird came to me and I gave him a seed.

It's mom said come let's go for food it told mama I got food.

Mama said you can't always count on that. It's come each day and eat and sang and was cool.

Mom died and with that she took the way she got food from her mom.

Baby bird got big and laid eggs and came to me with her babies. I fed them and they sang and got fat near jail birds. A lot of birds for over 100 years fed on the prison.

Then one day death row was overturned and the men left and the rows were empty. The birds set in the windows not knowing what to do. Cons set in other places and watched thousands of birds die. It was heart breaking to see helpless friends starve.

I was moved and a sparrow came and nested and a wren broke its eggs and I seen this wren and how he didn't sing he just broke the eggs of the little bird. I put my hand and protected the little bird.

I had a dream, a God like thing came to me with a wren's head on and said stay out of our eggs. We know what we are doing- your not needed and he said behold, as he was saying that the little bird lays much more eggs then the wren it laid more nests each year then the wren and if the wren didn't break the eggs the skies and sunlight would be blocked out and he showed me millions of birds that were eating everything they ate all the leaves and the trees died. It was all being eaten up and destroyed. I felt like a fool. There was so much I didn't understand. I didn't want to make it harder on the wildlife. I realize they have a hard time as it is.

When death row was over turned by the kids of the 1960's people didn't see or understand. The power people wanted to blow the world up people forget so fast because they are always lieing to the kids and raising the children up on a new set of lies for money. Egg men see whole worlds come and go again.

A little baby bird was being pushed and picked on and she fell down the wall and other birds were after her and I put my hand up. The wren looked at me and said get out of my way. I said I'm not going to let you hurt the young bird. I defied him and he stormed mad and flew close and I waved my hands at him and the baby bird went off and got away and he was left mad at me.

Then I noticed she had a new guy and they had a nest and the other birds that flew with the mean wren and he said see you have made us weak and divided up and caused conflict with your stupid ways. Your ways are not flying and you have no wings and your brain is slow.

I tried to defend and I have other friends like spiders, ants, bugs, dragonflies, crows, hawks etc. but they all say he's right I had no right to get in to what he was doing. That was his survival and I got no thoughts in what's what in the wrengod.

I had a mouse I got from some people who wanted to destroy it. I got it and snuck it out where no one could see. Wren seen it and let the sea gull see it and the sea gull ate it and he flew by making fun of me and calling me stupid.

In my window I had a spider and we got on well. He flew by yesterday came ate the spider and set in the window looking at me.

How do we know when or where to do anything. We think we know but no matter what we think it's not that way. I write this to tell you I see the truth to you is what you want and need.

Charles Manson April 2003

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