November 1, 2010  -  A Statement from Charles Manson


The mind has been prophesized through illusions of time; the Bronze Age, the Copper, the Steel, the Iron, the Plastic.

All the different bodies of the body of humanity have always had an underworld, in the graves, in the prisons, in the darkness, where they've always crucified their unwanted and they've always fed upon the weak.

Dear world, mind, body, soul. Mansons' words say this to who you think you are or are not.

How many times do you think lies have crucified Christ? I use the word Christ, but yourselves. Look at the stars and the endless time, and ask yourselves - how many times have you heard christians lie that you have been aware of and know this in your own minds? Manson is just another Christ, in the millions of Christs that the christians have crucified. That the lies of christians have crucified. That the lies of the christians have sacrificed for the millions of lives and millions of graves they have played for the world that you think.

Manson is the world in truth. Just another reject, unwanted child, that woke and became aware of the real in, of, the world in and one God, a child that lives a life in punishment, being lied to and misused and sacrificed. The churches seen me and knew me as the devil, Satan himself, and they warped and warred upon me with lies and deception, and defeated themselves, again. Now they want to change places with me and claim my life for the deception and deceit that they created with the Roman Catholic Church. Vincent Bugliosi lost his seat in the Vatican after 885 years.

It's no big thing. Look at the stars, and see God, Love, and pick one star and know one lie can crucify one truth, because love is giving, and a child with no family can be sacrificed because all religions are based on fear, games, money, governments, lies, wars, deceit, and Manson is just one little star in his own orbit, forever. And I gave to the christian lies for a short time of 64 years in punishment, in prison zoos, like the wildlife that christians have locked up in their shame.

The christians are the ones destroying the love and feeding on it. Look at it. Look at the body of love. A child of love, for love. You wasted the last of the time on your star. No one gave a fuck about you but the ones you know as colors. They gave what they could, and like you, fell short, just like all the living do. As for me, myself, Manson, I was born dead and never learned not to love. Christ is the Son of God. It has died as many stars as you see in the darkness of my black, forever. Manson is just another real you, who become a me. Me loves you all the way to me, who loves the world and words of real, and give and gave all to itself in ATWA forever. A trick, knowing knows god is not a lie, and the christians who say all the justice things, but in the body of all life, are lying to you and themselves in the prisons and zoos. But like you, I learned to love me. Me is alone with my Christ. My god is me and all mymes love me from their own survival, and I am Truman, Harry Truman, and had all of my red white and blue covered in all the ranch with my horses, and you let the words of others get over you, because I never used fear or showed you fear. Fear and love are reals real and it's good and bad, right and wrong and reals reals real can only become from the me from within. Christians lie that away from you. The real christians are devil dogs of survival, and will do anything for me. They know me as the worst and the baddest evil beast, and the most real fear of all in the trick word of honor, truth, and that would be the war to save ATWA, world, and do away with lies and stuff that don't work for me.

You lack faith and cost ATWA a lot of time, but no judgments. Two knows you did what you needed to do for the love you are you. Loving is for real, it is forever. Fear and death has no judgments in the church of spiders and roaches, bugs and birds, snakes, or all the meek and weak who are not important, and have no one but just to be free from it all.

Had you did what I asked, like you said you would do, I could've saved you a long trip. I was already navy pirates before, before and some; and others who looked like there was someone else were only shadows of a dream gone by, and selling a lick.

A circle of love and truth can't be broken. A circle of love and truth can't be broken. A circle of love and truth cannot be broken. Cannot means -NO-No, there is not a lie. If something is a lie, it's only a matter of time, because love and truth is not a lie. Time is a game, act, play, and is as unreal as death. Life is forever. Go out at night and look up, that's Manson's me. That's myme. The black bus is my black mind, soul, forever- dream, and mymes are grateful dead in my prison zoo of what you call you.

- Charles Manson

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