I do believe we can use cow dung to act as a way to fly [and] bring seeds back to earth – and the salt of the Earth is going to waste and could be pressed into all kinds of ways (frizbees).

The U.S. Army got drones that fly with bad stuff.  We could make and design carriers of all kinds that would melt and find its way into life forever.

I was on a farm, and I remember old cow patties all flat, hard, and dusty – all that cow/horse and what’s called waste just could be that point of working and not working for a world garden, where angels set the savior of all our lives, coming up from the worst and waste.  The real wheels that you could go to the top of a hill and have fun flying frizbees, and new trees of all kinds.

Look, look how wonderful, you remember how it is in forever?  Protect and serve the bugs, worms, birds, and who knows, just maybe some old cave people may show up with a new look at the world again.

We started with a we, and it became ATWA for the need, and seeing there is no one person that can hold forever forever.  Love is all of itself.  ATWA holds us all in life, as it is for everyone.  It’s bigger than us and more and growing to hold all within its movement. 


Charles Manson

Transcribed from letter, March 2012


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