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Below are a few suggestions for bringing our lives in line with the will of ALL LIFE, supporting and sustaining life on earth in our Air-Trees-Water-Animals. To understand the power of your decisions, multiply yourself. If you clean up a natural area or recycle bottles and cans, multiply yourself by 5,000, or 10,000 or more. Conversely, if you make a negative decision multiply yourself there too. What you do affects and inspires others. Every little bit helps. Be someone who cares. Live for Life.

Plant-plant-plant the green. www.arborday.org Learn to plant and nurture trees, teach others your skills. Sow seeds, plant a garden, grow your own food. Use organic methods, compost food scraps, fallen leaves etc. Forgo chemical fertilizers and pest control.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, etc. Refuse to buy into the meat/factory farming industry(which uses more fresh water than any other U.S. industry). 

Support your local, organic and sustainable food producers.

Do not cut down trees. Do not support those that do.

Conserve paper. Opt out of junk mail. Use cloth towels instead of paper towels. Use handkerchiefs instead of paper tissue. Find alternatives to toilet paper.

Walk and/or ride a bike as much as possible. Use public transportation instead of personal autos. Car-pool if you must drive.

Use candles or lanterns instead of electric lights.(BE smart-be careful-DO NOT FALL ASLEEP WITH A CANDLE BURNING! Use only in safe areas!)

*Turn off your refrigerator and or freezer when you go to bed at night. (Your food will still be cold in the morning. Be sure to turn it on when you get up.)

Lower the thermostat on your heating system. Use more blankets, wear more clothes. Raise the thermostat on your cooling system. Open windows.

Take shorter showers,(get wet, turn off the water. Soap up. Rinse quickly). Conserve water at every chance. Catch water from roof gutters. Use low-flow toilets, or put a brick or two into the toilet tank/closet. Preferably use an outhouse or latrine. Learn to re-use Grey water.

Do not buy bottled water**. Purify your own and use refillable containers.

Refuse to use plastic bags**. When you shop, bring your own cloth or burlap bag instead of using plastic or paper bags. Avoid plastic sandwich bags**. Use reuseable containers for lunches, etc. Teach your children how and why.

Refuse to use throw away fast-food/take-out containers. Bring your own reusable cups and containers.

Do not accept or use drinking straws**. We don't need them!

Clean with baking soda or white vinegar if safe soaps are not available. Use baking soda on dishes, clothes, floors, sinks, bathrooms, (also in place of toothpaste). Do not buy and use anti-bacterial dish detergents. http://www.thenewhomemaker.com/vinegar

Recycle, re-use, and repair everything you possibly can.

Contact officials about current laws (and new laws needed) against pollution and their enforcement.

Remove garbage and trash pollution from forests, rivers, streams, oceans, fields.....IT'S OUR JOB! (Recycle.)

*There are heaters in the doors and sides of frost-free refrigerators that work to raise temps to prevent frost build-up. This brings the cooling motor/fans/compressor on more often. Turning the unit off at night saves unnecessary electricity usage.

**shows up in multitudes along the tide lines of our beaches and coasts.


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