Postcards from Manson
Air • Trees • Water • Animals

All • The • Way • Alive

The first postcard below is from April 2003, the rest are postcards Manson sent to a close friend in mid-2002. Our thanks to that person for sharing these with Manson Direct and the world. Below each postcard is the text.

postcard from Manson

When people thought the 1
world was flat that we
all could slide off. Now its
the sun coming up in the East
people think the TV would all
go off there big fear no more beer or
the price of gas rent jobs payments
the big danger they never think about
no thought about - air water - AW is not
even in a dream - oh well - happy landing

construction going one way is destruction going the
other way. The minds brains need something to do &
they call it Job - turn jobs to what needs to be done
for ATWA - cut down old fences - no land should ever
be left open - ALL land seeded with something - waste
no dirt water is god all is god TREES have right to be living LIFE FORMS ALL LIFE HAS RIGHTS ATWA = EARTH SHIP

all the time - is forevers mind - even blind time,
grapes on the vine s or wine - Hobos & old Joes CoCo
bush Grits & Navey Tobacco holes RD soul's & Giving
takes it all - I LOVE Brother as his own man Do &
Does what he wants in all WILL IS GODS or it JUST
Would NOT be at all & EVEN thats gods will beyond the
say or do ALWAYS loves you love

world order earth mom dad sky atwa is family-' your
govrmt says to stop forest fires is cut all the trees
down lumber co's

King of english says change all the name of school- to
atwa & start it over for survival- teach atwa over

where ever the word school is it will be replaced by
the word atwa - all programs & brains will keep jobs &
places ONLY if they are movings forwards for all
programs towards atwa & to stop pollution
the revolution