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October 21, 2003

Recently MansonDirect told you that in a memo dated July 3, 2003, CSP-Corcoran announced to inmates that all packages and special purchases would be banned as of August 1, 2003

Since then, the prison has decided to in fact ALLOW packages if ordered directly through an approved vendor, for delivery directly by the vendor to the prison.

In the past, family or friends were permitted to assemble a package with approved items, not to exceed a specified total weight and size, and send it to an inmate once per quarter.

Since packages from home are of such importance to inmates, MansonDirect is glad to see the prison will allow packages, although now ordered only directly from approved vendors.

In addition, the prison is now going to allow inmates to once again make 'special purchases' from their account (if they have any money) for such items as a fan or a small television set.

For the record, we are leaving the original text of the memo below, though it no longer applies.

Here is the entire text of the CSP memo dated July 3, 2003:

Date: July 3, 2003


Subject: Special Purchase and Package Information

Beginning August 1, 2003, CSP-Corcoran will implement a mandatory "Vendor" only package and special purchase program. You will purchase your own package, quarterly package, and special purchase directly from the approved vendors: ---------------------------------

Your correspondent cannot send you a package or order a special purchase for you. If a package or special purchase is sent to you by your correspondent post dated after August 1, 2003, you will not receive it. Packages dated prior to August 1, 2003, you will be issued per existing procedure. Per Title 15, 3191(c) you will be permitted: 1. Send it home at your expense 2. Donate it to a charitable organization 3. Donate it to the facility.

Per CSP-Corcoran's Operational Procedure 806 "Inmate Property" Section X (mailouts) you will be afforded 30 days to provide the necessary funds for mailing out the unauthorized package. After 30 days your unauthorized package will be disposed of.

General population inmates have a choice of ordering a Quarterly Package from Walkenhorst or Union Supply Company by completing the package order for, attaching a signed trust withdrawal order form and submitting the order to the facility package yard officer who will deliver the orders to R&R for processing. General population inmates ordering a special purchase will submit CDC 1060 to R&R for processing. SHU and ASU inmates are only allowed to order a special purchase from Walkenhorst. All orders will be submitted to your property officer for processing.