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You can contact the MansonDirect webmaster at  

Charles Manson does not have access to the internet or email.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. 

Please read the FAQs first, your questions may be answered there.

If you wish to contact Charles Manson by mail, please be aware that all out-going and in-coming mail to the prison is read and examined by CDCR staff. 

Please do not send cash by mail.  The best way to put money on Charlie's account is to use credit or debit card at (California DOCR, Inmate ID # b33920) for an automatic transfer.  As of April 2015, inmates cannot receive checks or money orders sent directly to the prison.  To send check or money order, go to and print the money order deposit slip.   

Charlie's mailing address is:

Charles Manson  B-33920


P.O. Box 3476

Corcoran, CA   93212