No need to teach God.  All reborn Christians know Christ didn’t die.  It is over… under.

Death has no compassion; less Death is the compassion for the life that hates itself. Divine show of compassion to all, and all the words on levels of someone else, all the words and ways of me and you, them or they, levels of creation melt in the coming of god, 4 god is ALL sides. 

In god there is no good or bad, god is good and bad.  There is no up or down, god is all.  Pissants don’t need no books.  Baby bugs don’t need no rocking chairs, no toys or dress-up for no birthday parties. God don’t pray.   Dead don’t die.  Don’t die, don’t live. 

FEELING don’t need words.  Understanding don’t need to be, to be understood.  What is, don’t need to be explained.

--Charles Manson

Postcard, April 2012


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