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Air • Trees • Water • Animals
All • The • Way • Alive

The Lost Vacavile Tapes - 12" Vinyl

Released 2013

Available at

36 + min., Music and spoken word


Just Fucking Around - 12" Vinyl

Released 2012 by Records Ad Nauseum, Los Angeles, CA

Available for a limited time at

Music and spoken word


Horsefly - 7" Vinyl

Released November, 2011

Available at

16 min. +  Music and spoken word

Trees - CD, 12" vinyl, iTunes

Released October, 2011 by Magic Bullet Records

Available at

10 tracks = 36 minutes



Our God is ATWA

We're Dead By Then

Love is Knowing

Before Before



The Enemy

The Solution

Taking it Away From Yourselves

Air  - CD, 12" vinyl, iTunes

Released August, 2010 by Magic Bullet Records

Available at

Exclusive, previously unreleased material.   8 tracks= 29 minutes


The Moon

Brother Gun


Gas Chamber

World Perpectives

Hobo Poem

East Bound Train

Air is the King


Inner Sanctum  - 7" vinyl

Released by Holy Terror Records, Spring of 2010

Available at

3 previously unreleased recordings, spoken word and music.  Total about 15 minutes.



Labor of the Mind

Just Love Someone





One Mind - CD

Released April 7, 2005

2014 Re-release Available now at

One Mind is brand new, never before released material. Songs, guitar, impromptu poetry and words. Professionally produced and shrink wrapped, this CD is fully authorized and approved. Over 75 minutes in length.

Tracks include:

I Can See You
Angels Fear To Tread
Riding On Your Fears
I Don't Need Water Sprinklers In The Desert
Your Magic Motion
Whoever You Are
The Black Pirate
So We Go Again
Self Is Eternal (What Our World Will Be)
Sometimes It Works Just Right
Sweet Words
If You Have No One
I Keep On Wondering (interupted)
1967 - Mac Brother
Venice, CA


All The Way Alive

CD from People's Temple Records. The lost, unheard 1967 Manson studio recordings. An excellent recording and highly recommended. Fully authorized and approved. Features some of the best Manson music ever recorded.



A Taste of Freedom

Currently out of print, is was available as a limited edition of less than 100 on CDR.

Fully authorized and approved CD of conversations with Charles Manson. Recorded in late 1999 and early 2000, this exceptional CD contains all new never before heard material. Hear Charlie as he speaks with an old friend in relaxed and personal conversations by telephone.

At times startling in the lucidity of their depth, but still warm and casual, these conversations touch on many subjects including world peace, raising children and ecology.Hear Manson speak a lengthy new poetic creation, laugh and share his personal thoughts. This CD is a window into the timeless, dynamic NOW of Charles Manson.


Recorded 8/8/68. A short run of the LIE LP was produced during the trials using a take-off of the Life Magazine cover. That original vinyl LP was fully authorized and approved. LIE was long out of print when it was stolen by a company who produced LP and CD version until around 1998.

Look At Your Game, Girl
Mechanical Man
People Say I'm No Good
Home Is Where You're Happy
I'll Never Say Never To Always
Garbage Dump
Don't Do Anything Illegal
Sick City
Cease To Exist
Big Iron Door
I Once Knew A Man
Eyes Of A Dreamer

Son Of Man

Recorded at Vacaville and released as an LP in 1992. This recording included poetry written by Manson as well as a copy of artwork by Manson pressed into the B side of the LP.

Live At San Quentin

Another recording from the tracks recorded at Vacaville.

Tracks are:
Boxcar Willy And Big Bad Joe
Television Mind
Marylin Monroe Was My Childhood Shame
And As I Told You On This Chord Once Before
So As The Hour Goes On That I Will Spend With You
I Got A Tough Bastard Child Want To Become Into A Samurai
So Today Has Been A Good Day
My Name Is Sam McGee
Take Me To The Summer Road
My Feelings Begin To Growing
And I'd Like To Say Hello To Some Of My Friends
So The Mood Was Broken

I'm On Fire

A 45 record released by White Devil Records.

The Hallways of Always

Another 45 from White Devil.

Manson Family Sings The Songs Of Charles Manson

Manson music performed by Steve Grogan as lead singer, along with Red, Blue, Gypsy, Brenda, Ouisch and Capistrano. Manson himself is not on the recording.

Ride Away
Love's Death
Never Ask Why (Love Never Dies)
No Wrong
Get On HOme
Is There No One In Your World But You?
I'm Scratching Peace Symbols On Your Tombstone
Give Your Love To Be Free
I'll Never Say Never To Always
Look At Your Love
What Would You Have Me Do?
Goin' To The Churchyard

Charles Manson Unplugged 9.11.67

Recordings done by Manson in 1967 as well as spoken words between Manson and some people at the recording session.

Sick City
Run For Fun
Clang Bang Clang
Your Home
Monkey/Lock & Loll
Ego Is A Too Much Thing
Now Is The Time
The House Of Tomorrow
Close To Me
She Done Turned Me In
Twilight Blues
Your Daddy's Home

Charles MANSON

A CD released by someone called "Grey Matter", apparently in England. A repackaging of the tracks on LIE and Manson Family Sings The Songs of Charles Manson. All white cover like on the classic Beatles White Album.

The Family Jams

A double CD set with a 20 page booklet. Songs sung my Manson's friends, recorded in 1970. Released in 1997.

All the music on Manson Family Sings The Songs Of Charles Manson on the first CD, plus new and unreleased material on the second CD:
A Gamblin' Man Come From Natchez
Ride Away
Die To Be One
The Fires Are Burning
Give Your Love (To Be Free)
The Young Will Overcome
Goin' To The Church House
The Fires Are Burning
I'll Never Say Never To Always
Die To Be One
Look At Your Love
I Can't Remember When
Give Your Love (To Be Free) London Bridge Is Falling Down

White Rasta

A cassette tape release of the same music as on Live At San Quentin.





The Way Of The Wolf

CD of music and some bonus conversation recorded in the 1980's at Vacaville. An hour long CD.

In Your Music Mind
I'm Doin' Fine/Stars/Friends
Dream Train/My Oklahoma Angel Love
Indian War Song
ATWA: Message To The People Of The Earth/Computer Perfection
Universal Law
Blind Sky
All In The Motions
In The Infinite Mind
Red Snake
Eternal Wind
Dead Grass Growing In The Garden
Prison Conversation

Manson Speaks

A two record set of spoken word by Manson, the first spoken word recording released. If you know little of Manson, get this set of over two hours of his philosophy and ideas. 16 spoken tracks.







This CD was released in 1994 to commemorate Manson's sixtieth birthday and to commemorate ..."sixty years of struggle against cowardice, stupidity and lies" .

The Hallways Of The Always
A Peace In Your Heart
Give Your Love (To Be Free)
The Hallways Of The Always (reprise)
Searchlight Dreams
Down In The Nuremberg
Father In The Universal Sky
Down In Dixieland
Walking Through Forever
A Tribute To Hank Williams
Be Free (Be To Be Free)
Shakespeare's Clown
Hobo's Lament
Yellow Blues
The Spaceman
A Peace In Your Heart (reprise)
I'm Free Now

Poor Old Prisoner Boy

Remote Control Records (European)
limited edition of 555
Released about 1992