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Bill Curtis: Do you think Manson actually believed all that [Helter Skelter race war]?
Vincent Bugliosi: [laughs] That’s a very good question, Bill. Very good question. In fact people don’t ask me that question. [laughs] Um, I don’t believed that he, himself, believed in all aspects of Helter Skelter.  My view is that everyone that did it, they already had murder to a certain degree coursing through their veins.
Bill Curtis: Really?
Vincent Bugliosi: But I also believe they wouldn’t have committed these murders if they didn’t already have something inside of them— a deep hostility towards society, their parents, et cetera.  I think they defendants— Watson and the others— sincerely are sorry for what they did.

  • (Source: ID Channel)



"I was looking for something far out, even before the beginning (of the trial)."

– Vincent Bugliosi  (Source:  Investigation Discovery - Crimes of the Century: Manson)


“By the time I’d finished [cross-examining Watson], it was obvious to the jury that he was in complete command of his mental faculties and always had been. I tore to shreds his story that he was simply an unthinking zombie programmed by Charles Manson.”

- Vincent Bugliosi, (Source: Helter Skelter)




“The Detectives Whiteley and Gunther offered me some kind of drug— I can’t remember which— and a couple drinks to get me less nervous.  And then they were seeing about getting my probation violated immediately behind my connection with the Family.  Then they say, ‘Sadie’s been telling us all about you.  Sadie said you helped kill Gary Hinman.  But, then Bobby said you did all the killing of Gary Hinman.  You got a son, don’t you?  You got your son to think about.’ “

- Mary Brunner, 1970 (Source: Inside the Manson Gang)


“Friday morning I testified as a witness to Bobby.  What I said at that time was true.  I would not say who did it before, and when the police told me that Bobby was blaming it on me and threatened me with parole violations, and murder charges, and the loss of my kid, I was frightened and put it on Bobby.  I only testified to things I said in the original statement because I was told that I would be prosecuted if I didn’t.  The affidavit I made in May is true.  And I offered to Mr. Graves to take a lie detector test, however the judge did not permit it.  They said either I cooperate with the investigators or I be arrested immediately for murder.  Judge Keene doesn’t want the truth, he wants the conviction of Bobby and the only other man he would accept as the killer was Charlie.”

- Mary Brunner  (Source: 1970 Press Conference)



Irving Kanarek:  Did Miss Linda Kasabian ask you to go out to the Tate residence?

Catherine Share:  No, she didn’t ask me to go out to the Tate residence. She asked me to go out and do some killing.

(Source: Testomony, 2/9/71)



“Linda (Kasabian) overheard our conversation that Bobby (BeauSoleil) had been arrested for the death of Gary (Hinman). She said, ‘I’d do anything to get my brother out of jail. I know some people in Beverly Hills that burned me on a drug buy, you can make it (Hinman’s murder) look like somebody else did it if you copycat the murders— we can make more of the same. They’ll cut Bobby loose.’ “

— Catherine “Gypsy” Share, 1971   (Source: Trial Testimony)




Presiding Commissioner Giaquinto: Prior to going there, to the residence, is that correct? He [Manson] asked you to go with your crime partners.
Inmate Krenwinkel: Yes. He came in and got me out and he told me to do whatever Tex says.
Presiding Commissioner Giaquinto: Did he give you any other instructions?
Inmate Krenwinkel: No. Just follow Tex.
Presiding Commissioner Giaquinto: So, then once you got in the vehicle and you were driving to this location, Tex was telling you what you were going to do.
Inmate Krenwinkel: No. He never said anything until we were already there.
Presiding Commissioner Giaquinto: So, when you pulled up, is that the first time you knew what you were going to do?
Inmate Krenwinkel: No, not until we were already across the fence.
Presiding Commissioner Giaquinto: Okay, so what did you think you were climbing over that wall for— or that fence?
Inmate Krenwinkel: Probably to rob, because that had been— recently there had been a push to try to
get money so we could go out into the desert. So, there had been dune buggies stolen, there had been people, you know… like stealing money.

(Source:  Patricia Krenwinkle 1993 Parole Hearing)

“I never once considered calling him [Manson] Jesus Christ until the police came asking: “Where’s Jesus Christ? We want to crucify him.” They started that.”

- Nancy “Brenda” Pitman, 1971   (Source: The Modesto Bee)


“I was sleeping in the sun with my shirt off— they threw a rock at my back to wake me up. And when they had us all lying on the ground together and Charlie wasn’t there, one of them asked, real rough-like, ” Where’s Jesus Christ? We want to crucify him!” Then they put on his Inyo transcript “Charles Manson, AKA Jesus Christ.” They put it on him. We never deemed himself a holyman, nor anything else. One time we were out in the desert and there was this little bird that had died and Charlie just picked it up in his hand and breathed on it and it flew away. And I never considered it until the police came asking, ‘Where’s Jesus Christ? We want to crucify him!’ “

- Nancy Pitman (aka Brenda McCann), 1971   (Source: LA Free Press) 

“Charlie always said, ‘Belong to nobody, belong to yourself and know that everything you do is perfect. Your world is yours, make it the way you want it. You can not possess love. Let it possess you. Do what makes you feel good inside. You will only be let down if you do things for another expecting approval. Give yourself the approval and praise.’

It seemed the beautiful dream of God has turned into a temporary nightmare. A change is coming where once again love will be the ruler of the Earth, peace will be the weapon, faith will be the bondage, and truth will be the word.”

- Leslie Van Houten, 1971   (Source: Personal Journal)





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