Conversation July 2002
Air • Trees • Water • Animals

All • The • Way • Alive

Question: Charlie what thoughts do you want to tell the world.........the web can have it to them tomorrow.

Charlie: Yeah ah, why can't I get paid for the Lie album?  It was recorded in 1968 long before any crime had taken place.  See where I am coming from? We need to make lifestyle changes. We need to not raise our kids to think it's ok to lie. We treat lies like they are a joke. A lie is all the honor you had. People should only be paid for work done.

Question: Thats how it works.

Charlie: No it don't. The world's a chess game and the pawns make all the money for the kings who sit protected. We are all terrorists, we have started the revolution with the pollution and it will stop.

People won't stop, they love the cars and the toys that pollute and why should we care it wont effect us. One way or another it will stop we have started it with the trees. The trees will stop then will we, one way or another brother, we will stop.
We take one bite of food and wrap it in so many trees to make it look good, 5 wrappers for one bite of food wasting our resources for that makes no sence?  The only food the trees need is water and we are killing that too. Do you understand that by killing the water the air goes with it by way of the tree and so do we one way or another brother, we will stop.

Question: What did you think about the trade center bombings?

Charlie: If America is the land of the many, we take in citizens from all near and far, America represents the face of the world.  Didn't America do it to itself? Didn't it?

Question: So you don't eat meat right?

Charlie: I eat a little, Problem is I like animals, but I 'll eat humans, got one?

Question: Not today.

A note of interest - In the beginning of this conversation it is mentioned that Manson could say it today and have it to the world 'tomorrow'. These words from Manson were spoken July 6, 2002 and indeed, they were posted here 'tomorrow' - July 7, 2002.

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