Charles Manson replies to a critics’ letter - June 2011


Dear Mr. Manson:

I am extremely impressed by your ability to manipulate so many to follow you the way you did. Your power over the weak is so astounding to me. It’s unfortunate that your manipulation was wasted on such petty and stupid deeds. Your power could have been used for much bigger things, but instead you wasted it on something that got you put away.

You are probably incapable of caring about any of the lives you vicariously took or ruined, but at the very least you should regret being so stupid with how you performed your tasks. I’ve always been interested in your case purely because it takes a ridiculous amount of skill to control people and convince them the way you did, but that is at least an indication that you had more intelligence than you let on. Why would you let yourself end up how you did? You must have known it was going to end up this way? Why would you ruin your own life like this? Or is this what you wanted all along?

Enjoy your life sentence. We’re paying heavy tax dollars to support luxuries for those who waste their talents.

Kristen from the East Coast


      [Manson’s Reply]


What you think is and comes from what you have been told. You think Manson has what you call an ability to manipulate, to have friends who have faith in him, that you call following - and don’t see or want to think someone is selling you fear and you’re buying it hook-line-and-sinker. You have been lead to follow the people using you to buy. And manipulation -you waste your blind judgments on the people you see yourself in.

You write and spell good, and school’s got a big part of what was once a free soul. You are probably incapable of caring about any of the lives you are taking or ruining. You will regret being so brainwashed as you pre-formed your judgments of others. As you run from what’s real inside of what you’re trying to call a self, and make yourself a "someone" by saying how no-good someone else is. What you got from someone drunk on the blood of the war and crime, they loan and buy and sell each day. You say my "case"- my "skill", as you say I control people, as you write from and with what’s been bought and sold to you. How can you be so far away from what’s real, and look in the mind of someone, and say you know how they convinced someone else, when you must get up each day with someone else’s garbage in your head. A head filled with trash from money you spent and gave to someone. Your words are clear to me, you’re trying to run some kind of game like you’ve got your end, and how "you’re gonna ruin your life"- like you have one. Or is that what you wanted all along? Enjoy your life sentence. The trees and wildlife are paying for the meat you eat and the waste of what you get over on me with.

Easy – Charles Milles Manson

June, 2011


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