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The following diagram and the text below are excerpted from a letter from Manson, March 2003.  The entire text is not shown and portions have been edited by MansonDirect. 0

 Judge Not - Give - Forgive - Condemn Not

Charles Manson, March 2003

...I've found this to be and (it)works for my brotherhood. When I give all I have it don't matter how much it is, for all is all and must be all to be a word.

...That word goes with much more, everything no less than soul and love, even life, and that's where people get trapped in their own devil.

...When they see my willingness to give all, they see it as a weakness and take from me what brothers help me with and think I'm a fool and weak and don't know- others who keep taking my boxes and selling my shoes, and any help I get they suck it up, and I see them and I think: Judge Not, Give, Forgive, Condemn Not.

...That's hard for me because I want to kick, and then I realize how most people get the way they are is because of hurt, and I don't want to be a hurt dealer.

...When someone keeps taking my little things, it fills a need. He's got to think his reality is real and my reality is not. I'm left on the judge's bench; the alters of truth where good turns to bad and bad turns to good.

...All life comes from life. God's children have spent a lot of time learning to give, and that all is a part of a greater all we can't see, until we can give all to itself, and then we can become ATWA.

Edited excerpts from a letter by
Charles Manson, March 2003


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