April 1, 2012   Letter to a Japanese friend, March 2012

I would like some REAL photos of Sun Soldiers that died in wars – not the press ones but the children of common men and women.  0’s and the children, sun soldiers who gave their lives in the wars for ATWA – R Cards of Rehabilitation.  How the call from god never dies - that unsung heroes are always alive when god calls. The real faces of gods’ giving never forgotten.  REAL FACES, to look into the soul of giving and calling life back from the graves to ATWA from ATWA.

I wanted to do this on a world-wide call to the Spirits and graves that can change the earth weather, fix the waters, redeem trees, doctor our souls [and] get me my will and life back out of this BONEHEAD TOMB. 

Believe me Soldier, I’m with you now and forever and I have not, can never, and will not forget or dismiss one breath of your gods’ air.  Not as long as there is one hunk of steel left on this Earth.  Steel soldiers = SS – Sun Soldiers = SS – Sun Soldiers. Love so great to remember what will be, just as much as never forget what was, and is, and will be forever in a cup of clean water and clean air, clear mind and 4 ever Love that is yours for the SS of the Mymes of ATWA.

Do this your will for your god-self, just like the faces you teach = tell them go into your homes in the old trunks and boxes in the Hallways of always and fill SS chambers of ALWAYS 4 ATWA and our yen J, FOOD, LIFE, and all mymes of ATWA...

You are in my CCC [Civilian Conservation Corps], you’re held by Honor to Trueman. But to Man sun, you do the will of the world and the old office is held by the Dead, and I rule the Dead because I NEVER gave that part of the grave up. A prison of the Graves, where it’s being held as the myme of ALL gods’ coming and going.…the Honor in forever, and that to ATWA is god of LOVE TRUTH, drunk or sober.


Charles Milles Manson  WWOne and WW2 ATWAR   CCC



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