Look into the sky, 500 million years is new – The new world order started when the people found out the world was round.  George Washington started over with a round world from a flat world – new is a word that’s not easy to put in FOCUS. There is no new, yet we use the word, like a lot of words we use, and they are man-made and don’t have time to balance them.  REAL Real reals real, school destroys it. If you teach a brain ready-made thoughts, it never learns to see or think for itself in the real’s real. TIME is crap. It took 360 million years for the SUN to orbit, and five times that long to build a man from the real powers of a million suns in forever. If your mind’s brain is free  and real, that’s about two weeks in Manson time. HOW? Because knowing knows your brain’s memory and his imagination are much the same. In forever there is only forever’s time, and REAL order has always been here; it came in with the building of the body.. Real’s real has always been AIR = one. Without air, there is 0. 2 - is where air comes from and what makes it: TREES and green. 3 - is water, for without water, air and trees are no more.  4 - animals = like ZOO, bug, birds, fish.  People have condemned themselves and are brain dead, and the dead are holding THOUGHT. Thoughts that hold different circles of order, bodies, minds, Souls.  There is only ONE.  ALL is it’s all, held by past, but there is no past. End times, God comes in to everyone and all time becomes backwards. Stop is Start, go is End. Everyone is no one, it all becomes lie, the truth, yes, no, right, wrong.  Order is what IS, it is, and if you can’t embrace the past and reject it; hold it, drop it.  In ORDER, there’s no one order, order is itself. No one can make the real of order. The SUN comes up - witness to god for itself. You are everything and nothing; God and not god.  Get back to nothing and become everything. REDEEM your ATWA, or go off the Earth.  LIVE or STOP and become everything in and forever.


Charles Manson, December 2011