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1 - I want to write to Manson - does he write back to people?
Manson gets thousands of letters each year.  He has replied often in the past, but in recent years he responds less frequently.  Now Charlie personally replies to very few letters. You may however receive a card or informational flyer in reply, which has been sent by inmates in his unit, per Manson's request. 


2 - How do I know if Manson received my mail?

There is really no way to tell if your mail was received.  You can track it from the post office to the prison; however once it arrives there, it is in the hands of the mailroom staff. Your best bet is to make sure you send mail within the boundaries of the mailroom rules. (See question -6- for additional information)


3 - I got a typed letter from Manson in the mail, which included a check for $99 - is this real?
Yes.  The "check" is written from Charlie’s prison account and is real and can be cashed.  If you received the check with an accompanying form letter in the mail, you can be sure that it was sent to you by Manson himself.  If you will, please let him know you received it by writing him back and/or emailing us.  Click here to view a copy of the form letter he sends with the checks.  See question -7- for additional information about authentic mail.


4 - Can I email Charles Manson?

No.  Manson does not have access to a computer. In fact he has never used a computer, and he does not have an email account.  It is clearly stated on the Contact page that he can only be reached by regular mail.  If you see someone posting or emailing online claiming to be Manson, please be aware that it is a sure fake. (We noticed a twitter account a while ago which claimed to be Manson posting from his cell).


5 - How can I visit Manson in prison?
The only way to visit Manson is to be on his visiting list.  Charlie is the only one who can add a visitor to his list
.  He can also remove a person from his list.  You cannot "buy" a visit with Manson.


6 - What can I send to Manson in the mail?
In recent months, Charlie has been getting a lot of "yellow slips" in the mail.  These are mail refusal forms, and they are put in the envelope in the place of any mailed item that has been refused by the mailroom staff.  We do not know why the number of yellow slips has increased so dramatically, but we soon hope to have a more comprehensive list of the mailroom rules, which we will post here for your information.  For now, sticking to these main rules is the best way to be sure that your mail is not rejected by the mailroom staff.


Manson can receive:

Letters (10 pages per envelope)


Stamps – (2 books [40 stamps] ) per envelope


Check or money order (no value limit)


Cards and postcards (plain paper only - no glitter or lamination)


Pictures (10 per envelope, maximum size 8x10")


If you wish to send a painting, the safest thing to do is to send a copy of it.



7 - I wrote to Manson and got a reply, but it was a typed card, postcard, or flyer - and/or there was writing on it which was not Manson's handwriting.  What is this?
Charlie has recently
asked a few of the inmates in his unit to help him deal with the massive amounts of mail he receives. He has dubbed these helpers his "X-men".  The materials used (cards, postcards, flyers, etc.) are created by outside friends and sent to CM per his request.  The “X-men may write a note or sign these cards and flyers themselves, or in some instances, Charlie will also write a note and sign these items.


A few people have asked why their mail is stamped with “Santa Clarita” instead of “Bakersfield”.  Apparently the Bakersfield Postal Distribution Center was closed in September 2013; prison mail is now routed through Santa Clarita CA.  In addition, the "Corcoran State Prison” red-ink-stamp on the front of the envelope is also authentic.  Click here for an example of a letter/envelope/writing from Manson, and an example of his fan-mail informational material. 


There have been complaints from people who have received this mail, wanting instead to have something "original" from Manson.  To these complaints, Manson has responded, "They're complaining?  They're lucky they got anything at all.  I can't write back to every ding-dong that writes me!"  Please know that when you receive a flyer or card in the mail from CM and the X-men, it has been sent to you specifically at Charlie’s direction.



8 - Who runs MansonDirect.com, the YouTube channel, and the Facebook pages?  Who are the people in the pictures with Manson?
Charlie's friends Gray Wolf and Star are the web-masters of MansonDirect.com.  They live near
Charliein Corcoran, CA, and act as his representatives, secretary, and close-support group.  More friends and supporters contribute to MansonDirect.com and help create and maintain the ATWA/Manson Facebook pages, the YouTube channel, and the Tumblr site. Together we strive to ensure that this website presents relevant and accurate information and quality content. 
The pictures featured on this site were taken in the visiting room at Corcoran State Prison, Corcoran CA.  CM is seen with regular visitors Star, Gray Wolf and Black Wolf.



9 - There are thousands of "Likes" on the Manson/ATWA Facebook pages.  Do you "buy likes" for your pages?
No; of course not.  MansonDirect has been on-line since 2002 and ATWA has had a web-presence since the mid-nineteen nineties.  In addition, Charlie has been talking about ATWA in his interviews for over 40 years.  It is only natural that thousands of people world-wide are responding to Charlie’s strength and integrity and his consistent message of awareness and Earth stewardship.



10 - Why don't you post Manson phone-recordings and updates to the website more frequently?
We post updates as often as there are updates to post.  We post whenever Manson wishes to speak (or write) a message or statement to the world; if he wants something in particular to be posted, or when any other relevant news becomes available for public announcement.
Please note that the site has undergone a recent remodeling, and a large amount of new material has been added within the past year (see the 
Words, Case and Interviews sections).

11 - What do donations to the Charles Manson Legal Trust go to fund?  How do I know my donation is used to help support Charles Manson?
As stated on the Trust's page, money donated to CMLT is used in any way that Charles Manson wishes.  Please read the page for complete information. 
A Trust Fund is a legal entity.  It has its own bank account and tax ID number.  CMLT was created by legal contract (Trust document), which means the serving Trustees are bound by law to administer the funds only and exactly as specified in the founding document.

12 - Do you know about the negative rants against you being published on the internet?

Yes. Once again it has been brought to our attention that meritless personal attacks and accusations are being made against ATWA, Charles Manson, Gray Wolf, and Star in various online fan groups.

It can be noted by those concerned, that the sources of these most recent aspersions are murderabilia collectors, “serial killer” fans, or other such merchants of ghoul. 

We understand that self-promoters of this ilk are competing with one another for notoriety, attention, “rare” commodities, and profit.

This type of baseless slander and innuendo has constantly been directed at Charlie and his friends since he was released from prison in 1967.

We purposefully ignore the self-generated drama, delusions, slanderous lies, and ill-informed gossip of all fans and murderabilia collector-merchants. 

MansonDirect.com and ATWA are not in competition with anyone for anything.

MansonDirect is not a celebrity fan-club.  ATWA is not a fan-club. 


13 - Is Charles Manson the subject of a new Rolling Stone article?

Yes, it is scheduled to be featured in the year-end double issue of Rolling Stone magazine (December-January 2013).  It will be a story-style article from the author's perspective, featuring conversational interviews with Charlie and his friends.  In an extremely rare event, the author did meet with CM during a regular weekend visit in September.


Note:  Please join us in welcoming and respecting all people who come to understand ATWA as a concept of on-going Life; a movement of order, justice, and natural harmony among all beings that breathe AIR and use clean WATER.

We wish to thank the many hundreds and hundreds of people who have contacted us sharing positive feelings and experiences and support; and those who help and have helped in our efforts for ATWA and in support of Charlie. We truly appreciate your dedication to this cause and your inspiring certainty of purpose. We feel truly blessed to be touched by so many lives and to be a small part of this global awakening.