Yesterday and tomorrow are the tracks that today rides on.


Dear Air,

Remember what you’re gonna do, remember what you did, is on the same track.  Your god head is not going or coming back beyond times mind, brain dead, and blind.  I can crush your heart with a thought.  Cripple the spine.  Turn your blood to wine.  Thought forget remember thought forget in the same hole – wheel the hold to heat and cold and smash meanings to fix 4-ever love as all myme.

You come to me with your love for me.  That love was in you and had nothing to do with me – my love for you was in me. Your love for me changes with the Air you take in and out – without the air, there is no there or where, remember or forgets, it’s LOVE 4 the Air.

Forget to remember, remember to forget, knowing needs no remembering or forgetting, for LOVE IS knowing your LOVE, and you or me means LESS than nothing and more than all, knowing we are ONE ATWA and I am all ATWA.  Remembering what I’ll do and forgetting what I did, taking all in knowing Love is Air, here, now, then, all, everything, and everywhere.  Air my Sun god, god Sun Air, sweet love of life I am love you everywhere my air, it’s yours.  Air Air, everywhere there is a there.

-- Charles Manson

Letter, February 2012