Charles Manson replies to concerns about a “New World Order”   (Letter - July, 2011)


Think!  If a body (person) lies and was raised and taught to lie, and lies to self and lives with others who can't be truthful, how can they even know what knowing is or is not?  How can they even understand the words and/or thoughts made up by the words?  They are play-acting movies and TV game shows.

You use the words "World Order", and you have thoughts in your head that came from someone else, that you don't even know what is or is not.  You can't even use your own brain because others ‘been doing your thinking, and you haven't even been born in Truth.  You were born 1000 and million-million light years old, but are trapped in the body others needed you to be, play, and carry the cross for – you don't even know what stupid is.  And it would take 10 lifetimes running backwards through school to blink one eye.

There is only one.  One world is like – all water is one water.  Real order is one.  One is all, all and one is zero, nothing, and everything.   World is already in its order.  What you're talking and thinking is brainwash – ‘use your own head’ would mean being reborn and not picking the same old thoughts back up.  

 Order is true in itself as it is.  First is air.  Air- without air there is no life on earth as I know and live it.  To destroy or distort air is out of order – governments, money churches, none of that means anything.  The people of the Earth world are so warped, distorted, twisted, and filled with lies and fear, confusion, doubt, and cover-ups, greed, so on and on - that they can't see it if you show them.

For over 100 years, people have been trying to show the commands that Air Is First, and not to use gas in the World Wars I and II.   But people say;   "How long before all the air on earth is gone, over, and all life is over?"…  “100 years”…  and the same with the order of where air comes from; trees, green things, water and its order.

Money and fear, sex and other levels of the world orders of death speak louder.  And real and truth is covered-up, lost from the real by the cover-ups of the unreal, and who gives a fucks rule.  And the sellouts win again and time goes on and on, dragging the real order up and down, under and over, around in circles. 

A lot of people say they would die before they would do this or that, and they got ways they say they believe and want change.  Then, when no one's looking, they're sucking on it or doing and going where they told and made someone do their will – that's not order, that's disorder = out of order.  And that kind of thought and behavior covers up the real order of the ‘do or die’ Order.

You're in a room, a car is running, and oil is destroying your air.  Order says, "Turn the car off or give up the air".  That's got nothing to do with 'will you suck or not suck?'  There are people who would go to war and destroy their own world, children, and self before they would or could be truthful with what's inside their own minds' order.

 I worked and got you… (established  –ed.)…and just like Boston Irish people, you were lying so you could make movies and dump it back on someone else.

I forgot the rest of this.  It's without real reasons because there is no one left over from the last cross boss.


Charles Manson

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