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Many people are curious and confused about Charles Manson due to the murder trial and media circus that made him famous in 1969, and the entertainment industry's ensuing obsession with him.  This section of Manson Direct will feature evidence and information that will give a clearer idea of "what happened to Manson".

The district attorney who prosecuted Manson's case used people as his witnesses that were bribed and/or threatened.  For example, his star witness was a young woman (who was present at both nights of murder) who received immunity from murder charges in exchange for her testimony against Manson. 

The only way a case could be made against Manson was to bring him in on the crimes through conspiracy.  The district attorney, with the help of bribed witnesses, attention seeking witnesses, and a sensationalized media, then constructed the motive theory of "Helter Skelter".  This false theory states that Manson believed there was going to be a "race war" between blacks and whites, aka "Helter Skelter", and that there were secret messages in Beatles albums which gave information about the events.  The prosecutor goes on to accuse Manson of "brainwashing" the killers and the rest of "the family" in a cult-like setting.  The murders were allegedly carried out in order to start this "Helter Skelter race war", whereupon the members of "the family" would then find a bottomless pit to hide in until the war was over and they emerged to rule the new world.  Thus, the murders were all Manson's fault because he brainwashed the killers and then instructed them to kill the victims of the Hinman, Tate-Labianca, and Shea murders. 

Sound a bit unbelievable and over-the-top?  That's because this motive theory is completely false.  The trial consisted of "eight months of prosecution testimony", according to Sandra Good, who sat outside of the courthouse along with others who were not allowed to testify. 

This section of MansonDirect.com is currently under construction - Soon more information will be added here which shows that Manson in fact never believed in the "Helter Skelter race war", and furthermore did not ever "brainwash" anyone, nor tell anyone to commit murder.


Special thanks to MansonATWAR.tumblr.com and AllManson.tumblr.com for gathering many of the quotes and helping with other information that is featured in this section.

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