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Charles Manson July 2002

"I watched a new born to learn and there was no one else to its knowing or not knowing- I tagged after it and it took me in as a part of its self as it was finding out what it was and was not. As I've had years to think about it the only things that pushed us apart is the stuff I had in my head that was not in his way. When I pushed it on him and he would reject it I was a fool and would push it again and he would go for it. Lately I found he was right about everything. At the time I couldn't understand how that could be because he had no way of knowing that I could see that was my failing- knowing was not what I was taught. I will never be over one year old. I learned I was that thing on the floor and I had been for billions of years a day. I was born god. Everyone is everything and all is its self and the only reals real is movement motions sound sight and remembering. You never die because you're never born That's only thought for ever." ... postcard from Manson January 2006




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