You can harvest another man’s grain from his fields - take his wife and milk his cow, take his life in a war.

Lock up his door and body in a prison, torment his soul.

Steal his years of youth, drink his wine, rip the tears from his eyes.

Claim his wisdom, take his pride, rip out his guts, put your maggots in his blood.

There are a lot of things you can raise your male child to be.  You can even teach him to be a girl and raise him to fear his own heart. But the real of a man is HONOR and that’s his god and all that goes forever unsaid.

For the real of man goes on and on undead, and stands with the dead - you cannot break the broken or un-slave the slaved.

Whatever’s done to man is given to you in your own will by the love in Honor’s love, God and the man who is in everything,

because there is no one in Everyone.




When you try to get your man from another man’s efforts, not only do you destroy the efforts that may’ve helped your own efforts to survive, but you take away from your own man and become a whatever you want to call it – you know what it is – you can’t grow your own garden?  What?

[By seeing what you did not do shows and tells me much – They once did beat us for what we didn’t do.]


Charles Manson        November  2011