The ATWAR of Life is on lots of levels –

1.    Self = the struggles of inside self.


2.    House, bed, food, money


3.    Neighborhood – space –


4.    City, town


5.    County


6.    State


7.    Country

     8.    ½ world – hemisphere


9.    World


10. Universe








And I found if you get the levels mixed up, they don’t come out as good or work as well as if you …

Just thinking by itself is no easy thing to understand.  Words, thoughts, books, the mind’s ways real unreal, it’s an ATWAR for survival. 

Just to understand and get on and stay on the right track with 4 feet, your feet foots and your hand foots again. 

ATWAR is endless, and one little word or thought can move it all around. 

Loving it makes it easier.

Charles Manson

Letter, June 2012

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