Charles Manson, quoted from his 1997 parole hearing, speaking in response to a letter from a member of the LA Police Department requesting that he be denied parole, and accusing him of being responsible for the murders.


“If I were guilty of that, that would be true.  But as long as that court stands, then that’s what makes me what I am to that man’s mind.  That is NOT me.  He gets his reality from that court.  If that court says I’m guilty, he’s going to agree with it.  If a Roman Catholic comes over here and gets in your district attorney’s’ office, Rome, mama, Rome!  That’s talking all the way back to one cross.  And they’ll do anything in the world to put one cross back in order, because if they don’t put one cross back in order, they got Islam right up their ass from Chicago bouncing that goddamn fuckin basketball.

Now, sooner or later you guys are gonna have to step out in this hallway and see who this hallway belongs to. That’s my mop and broom over in the corner, Jack!  You know, whatever you guys are playing out there, that’s nice for you to play when you got the money, that’s cool.  But when you’re down in a hard time, when you ain’t got nothing but mind your moppin and sloppin with, you got to deal with what you got to deal with from here, honey buns.  (’Holds up his two clinched fists-Ed.)  And when you can do that, then that’s the penitentiary.

I don’t know all the things you know, but you don’t know the things I know either.  I don’t disrespect you and take your rights!  SO GIVE ME MY FUCKIN RIGHTS!!  You can’t fool me.  You can’t trick me.  I didn’t have nothing to do with killing those people, PERIOD.  I’ve TOLD you that all the way down the line.  I wasn’t around anyone when they were killed.  I’m not saying I’m not capable of doing it myself, but I’m just saying this:  I did not DO that!  And I could’ve PROVED it in a court of law!”

–  Charles Manson, 1997


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