1948, the war had slowed down and ran out of bodies with the will to fight, nor the soul to kill or die.  All the cowards and lies said it was over, it stopped.  Bullshit.  War never ends.  Life is war, and not even stop ever stopped.  Rocks don’t die, Earth or all in it never stops.  All is movement in the stop that never stops.  You can move it, change it, send it, and have some control – but nothing even the space and nothing stops.

I told you, there is no such thing as no such thing.  That means there IS NO such thing as no such thing.  By the time you say it, it’s moving right back at you.

ATWA is much much more than ATWA.  It’s a way to change the war, but the people that keep blocking it got to go, and that’s what keep[s] people dying.  They will not let it live.  Another prison, you say – Who R you

Charles Manson

Post card, August 2012


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