500 Billion light years to make a breath of air.  500 Trillion Suns weighing that much for air has made a chicken.  Disrespect for my ATWA and my life is fucking a chicken.  Why not?  ATWA’s gonna cut your heads off any way it can.  And all were told in Red, I give no warning shots.  If one cannot understand god is no[t] the games being played by what you think you can get away with, and what you think of me is you.  You to me is a wheel that rolls. 

ARP274, also NGC5679.  ARP spans light years across and lies millions of light years away, toward the constellation of Virgo.  There are 2 yous there, billions of light years away. 

If you think you can, ask yourself where is James Mason and a HOST of people who took my ATWA for money games and ego trips in the name of the cross boss for dollars and dicks.  I love chickens.  ATWA – Myme

Charles Manson

Postcard, August 2012


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