Excerpts from a Manson letter,
June 14, 2002
Air • Trees • Water • Animals

All • The • Way • Alive


"...I feel and think free, and realize if I let things hang up in my mind's thought patterns, that is bad for me but is only in me.

The great and wonderful part of life is that each has their own and can make it what they want.

I see a redwood tree fall and I feel who accepts that is not worth the life they have been given.

ATWA...how it will become and what it will become - nothing counts if it is not on the side of survival. When the world mind starts coming to the thoughts like this (we) can not survive (without) that.

I don't like to interfer with the nature of things and work to understand what is natural and what is not.

We as a people put a lot off on the word God and don't think about it anymore. But if we stopped and stood over in our own God Chamber and picked back up from our God what we dumped over on the chair and woke up and saw it's us - we who must pay and balance the ATWA that we have distorted..."

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