Cowards are like chickens in the barn yard.  The horse kicks off on the dogs – dogs get feared and snap at the chickens, chickens peck off on each other.  Last chicken gets blood, and pecked to death.  God’s will, fear, when not understood, just becomes the way it is. 

Rat sees fear in cops and a coward wants power and tells some lies to get someone locked up, where they can’t use hands [peck].  Someone else sees it and wants for power for a good job and [peck] taking your stuff after your hands are tied, and someone else got in a [peck] for phone calls and a jar of coffee.  Jealousy [peck].  When you play music and they can’t [peck].  You get visits [peck] and got friends [peck] and look at all that mail [peck] [peck]. 

They lock you up and say “He won’t come out; he locked himself up and needs a doctor.  He needs to go to the nut ward.  He’s old and sick, give him a bible, we love him to death”.

Charles Manson

Postcard, May 2012


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