Red Star Horse, Blue Star Horse, Gold Star Horse, Silver Star Horse – Black hawk, Gold hawk, Gray Wolf, Grave, Charles Milles Maddox – you DON’T make up a god, in deep real God makes it all, and there is no up or down in god’s mind – they don’t worship God;  they worship and pray to a concept about what they think god is.  That’s what keeps dying, not god. God don’t die or live, concepts die and live. Millions of years ago there was no race mix. People hadn’t met each other, and when they did, they fought.  Jews were not on Earth, there was no mix – Jew is a mix.  A 100 MILLION YEARS is NOT a lot of time.  Jews are Gypsies, and they had no land because they didn’t come from the land and were called loves people because they bridged and lived alone, not as one or the other, but as a ‘2 in one’.  The Catholics DESTROYED all that HISTORY and put it in Hay’s books, 10,000 years.

Charles Manson, December 2011

Transcript of postcard “3 of 3”