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Whatever I possess is contraband, as held down on me by the interpretation of people who don’t abide by their own laws.  Whatever I do is illegal and against the law, as the same type of bureaucrats just make up laws to get around the laws that they made up last week.

I’m allowed to do nothing.  Whatever I do is not permitted by fear, lies and confusion.  They have taken my watch away 5 times, and gave it back 3. They keep taking it, and each time they run out of time they run and get my watch. 

The Program Administrators gave me a recording machine because I had a music program in San Quentin.  Everybody knows I’ve recorded in San Quentin, and in Vacaville I had a music program with a recorder. 

The program administrator gave me permission, but then jealous and incompetent people who wanna put their rock and roll bands in front of mine, take mine and say that the Governor said I can’t do this and the Governor said I can’t do that.  And the Governor didn’t say anything, because the Governor’s a movie star.  He’s making movies, he’s reading scripts; he’s not saying anything.  He didn’t say anything in his whole career.  All he did was say what was written on that thing that they read to the public. 

Death row came down in 1971.  And they keep trying to put it back with humpty dumpty sat on a wall, and humpty dumpty had a big fall, and they still keep trying to put humpty dumpty back together again. 

They lost the Korean war, and they have the atomic bomb now.  They lost to China, and they have the Panama Canal.  You’ve got a slave trader, and he’s trying to put it back together from Abraham Lincolns’ mistakes. 

Manson is not allowed to have a phone.  The whole world is using telephones.  I’m being held in the ‘20s and ‘30s by phones that make phone calls for a nickel, and old movies of prisons, as the warden’s office is being run by the kitchen help, and the old slave traders of yesterday seem to have the lock on the future, with the graveyards of the walking dead over in the Avalon Ballroom, with a rock and roll band that was only faking on the public, because the real people were locked up in some cages while the fake people control the music. 

They control the minds of the public from the schools that the Koreans are already taking over, and the Vietnamese have taken over, and the Mongs have taken over.  And all the people that were running the United States, they’re hiding in Wall Street.  And the Pope is even trying to get away to Buenos Aires, where Hitler was hiding after the second-world-war in the Brazilian jungles.  They’re chopping it up, and they’re destroying the planet Earth; Air, Water, Trees and Animals. 

That’s why they don’t want me to have a telephone. 

And anybody that wants to survive will help the Gray Wolf, because he’s not wrong in what he’s doing.  He’s the only one left-over from all the intimidation and all the punishment that your servants have placed upon our heads and shoulders to carry in the name of Jesus. 

And you can’t even put a Chaplain in the prisons anymore, because you’re lying double-dealing with the whole world coming in and feasting on the dead carcass of Abraham Lincoln; he’s dead and stinkin’.  He was lying all the way.  He didn’t have the right to divide and conquer the real United States.  The real United States was the Sons of Liberty, and George Washington over in the graveyard.  They come up in the resurrection, the truth, and the light.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights was right on.  And it’s still right.  But who you gonna’ get to make them do right?  You hear them politicians?  They say the same thing over and over.  Every time they talk to the money, and old people that fear dying in old-folks homes.

And then you stand the children up in fear to pledge allegiance in the first grade again, and teach the same old garbage all over-and-over again. 

Wake up little Suzie, wake up.  Where’s the playground now? 

Check mate. 

But you don’t want to admit the truth to yourselves.  So what do you expect anyone to do? 

You’re fired!  Get out of my way!  Stand down out of my jobs! 

You’re not doing jobs for anyone. You’re just destroying the resources of the Earth and the last chance for ATWA. 


You can’t make it without air, baby.  And you can’t make the air without the trees.  Stop letting other countries lumber in your parks. 

Stop cheating in the dark and throwing your gobs of trash in the ocean.

[Recorded voice- “This call and your telephone number will be recorded and monitored”]

This call and your life will be re-monitored.

Re-re-monitored?  Re-re-monitored.  Computer-data, simulate, photograph.

Re-do it.  Re-birth?  Love is unconditional, poodle dog.

Peace, Peace.

-- Charles Manson, March 27, 2013