Message from Manson
June 24, 2002
Air • Trees • Water • Animals

All • The • Way • Alive


Life and people are far apart - people of honor are dead as the lies, actors, phonies and clowns call themselves life and walk around dead without souls and raise their kids to be just like them

Two sides - in and out - two wheels - US Army, German Army. I was in truth on, in and around the two of them - into one wheel, in three points - three wheels = one.

What is in and out has been set in minds-brains thought patterns by the pure discontent of the minds-brains of people who want to get away from themselves - run away from being in where they are at - running to escape themselves in books, TVs, movies, money - always thinking there is a Somewhere Else.

I've watched it all my life- men who can't stand themselves and be locked in a room alone is hell to their minds. Their heads are programmed so hard to mothers discontent they got to keep running.

Here is everywhere in the English word of Manson that is true in NOW as of 1934 and World War One- of Charles Maddox of Kentucky Nancy Maddox Queen of King James. You can only find God inside your own space and love, and if you can't be at peace within yourself no amount of money or anything will ever work. Drugs- roots and herbs - do help some but the final and last breakdown is inside you and that is Out. You are your own in and your own out. Peace and love and good is Now, Forever, Always and Nothing.


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