A Letter To All From Charlie
April 12, 2002
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All • The • Way • Alive


Secret, and the SS secrets and sacred, is a synonymous viewpoint when you look at it from the dead. Everything that was never told and held to the death, and was killed... martyred hearts to hold and held forth to the death that becomes a viewpoint, secret holy ghost.

We the mind think, and are thought- there we are men of truth, righteous brothers' honor and had no way of knowing things and the ways kept from us. We all looked to death row where we thought brothers were being kept. We looked up to the strongest images, to the father. Gods mind in the flesh. Old cowboys, heroes, past wars and even bandits, crooks and revolutionists.

We look for the patriarch soldier as we were told and shown on tv and movies. They died for our rights and all we thought was ‘love and real'. Then the end of acts and stars changed our minds. We saw the covers were not real. The cover is real but like rubber apples- they look good but you can't eat them.

What was kept secret or concealed as we lived our lives in 2 world wars, cover ups-past.

On from the money heads, all the good real and love was murdered right before our eyes. We saw it but we were told and taught and we had no way to find out but to go through it. Our Souls the soul kept calling the eyes of the soul- seen one thing, our souls were going one way and your words and ways were going the other- so we ended up on death row in a war that started before our granddads were born.

The egg broke in 1969. The courtroom I was in, in the 1940's when the USA was calling war a crime and crime became a war my court room became. When the Manson cult went to death row to redeem the brother, we thought was there it was there but in the graves. The secrets and keeping word true Manson was raised up in prison not knowing that the people that kept their word were hung and put to death and that there was only a movie left, and money slaves. I hold the worlds in English and the secrets of the bottom line underworld. SS, death head cult, death, will of revolution and pirate USN George Washington, USA, USSR, China, Japan and Germany and all the good Indians.

Charles Manson

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